Shackman Associates New York

"We were delighted to work with you and your crew on our event at Rockefeller Center. The ice show you put together for our clients was well thought out and beautifully executed, and our clients truly enjoyed watching your talented performers. Thanks for indulging our clients by having two of your skaters flank our VIPs while they delivered their speeches in sub-zero temperatures. The teachers who assisted our guests during the skating party afterwards were extremely helpful and certainly built on the festive nature of the event. I must say that your entire staff is accommodating and professional and a joy to work with. 
-Karen M. Shackman, Shackman Associates New York

New York Times: Gia Kourlas

“Ensemble groups like Ms. North’s Ice Theatre of New York® may be the best hope for the future simply because they recall what skating has the potential to be: dancing on air.”

-Gia Kourlas - Jan 30, 2014

The Carnegie Corporation of New York

"You are among a group of two hundred eighty-four (284) small- and medium-size artistic and cultural organizations that serve this city's citizens in neighborhoods in all five boroughs.  We believe that institutions like yours are responsible for giving New York City the unparalleled artistic and cultural spirit that has made it the envy of the world.  We wanted to choose a wide variety and geographically diverse group of institutions that may need extra support in these uncertain times.  The grant you will receive will be an award for general support and is in recognition of your mission and service to the life and needs of the city."

-Vartan Gregorian, President of The Carnegie Corporation

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