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Consider advertising your company in our Benefit journal or show programs, or becoming the official sponsor of any of our artistic, educational or outreach programs.

Please contact Jirina Ribbens, Executive Director, at (212) 929-5811 or via email at jirina@icetheatre.org.

Background for Supporting Dancing On Ice

Sponsor Ice Theatre of New York® and be a part of giving the growing community of skating fans, as well as new audiences, an unforgettable evening of ensemble dance on ice!

Sponsoring ITNY is not only an opportunity to be a major provider of this unique artistry to the residents of your city, but also to be a steward of the arts by providing a place to present new and existing works of acclaim by extraordinary performers and choreographers. 

ITNY’s family-friendly programming is a joyful experience for all ages that also satisfies those who crave an evening of sophisticated entertainment. 

Since its founding in 1984, Ice Theatre of New York® has created a new art form that challenges traditional perceptions and conventions of ice skating through its merger of innovative dance with the grace of figure skatingPeople across the United States, in Europe and Canada have experienced ITNY’s breathtaking performances.   Since its inception, ITNY has performed for over 700,000 people, has been viewed by 2 million lining parade routes, and has received 3.6 million hits to date of its video collaboration with Improv Everywhere.

As an artistic innovator, ITNY has also surpassed the constraints of performance skating by creating and commissioning new provocative works of Dance on Ice that showcase contemporary dance, music and art in partnership with world-renowned ballet and skating masters including Edward Villella, Twyla Tharp, Dorothy Hamill, Sarah Hughes and Johnny Weir.

Since 2008, ice skating participation has been on the rise among the public.  According to a 2012 sports marketing study, when compared to roller skating, skateboarding and golf, the sport experiencing growth in participation rates is ice skating.

Ice skating as an art and a sport is experiencing a remarkable resurgence in popular participation, bolstered even further by public excitement over the U.S. Gold Medal win in ice dancing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. 

65% of females over 12 consider themselves figure skating fans. 

About 75% of figure skating fans are girls and women with most in the 25 - 54 range.  Women in this age bracket make many of the household buying decisions including entertainment. 

75% of women over the age of 55 consider themselves figure skating fans.

More than 68% of figure skating fans have college degrees.

Figure skating has the highest visibility of any Olympic sport, consistently receiving higher television ratings and more broadcast hours than other sports.

68% of fans questioned during the 2007 Championships agreed with the statement that “they would be more loyal to a company’s brand or service as a sponsor of figure skating.”

ITNY maintains close ties with the U.S. Figure Skating Association which is the most prominent governing body of the winter Olympics and has nearly 165,000 members in more than 690 member clubs, collegiate clubs and school- affiliated clubs, and more than 900 registered Basic Skills programs.

The combined professional experiences of the cast of ITNY, who have at times engaged large audiences including those of more than 10,000, will easily captivate an audience of any size with our showmanship and drama on ice. 

Overall, ITNY appeals to skating and dance enthusiasts and others who appreciate artistic performance combining elements of dance, music and theater.  ITNY’s emphasis on artistic expression and ensemble performance has extended ice dancing as a medium.  This emphasis serves as the catalyst for elevating ITNY’s status to being recognized as the premier ice dance company.


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