Moira North headshot  MOIRA NORTH - Founder/Artistic Director 

Named one of the 25 Most Influential Names in Figure Skating by International Figure Skating Magazine, Moira North has been a driving force in the development of figure skating as a performing art. Since founding Ice Theatre of New York in 1984, she has commissioned renowned dance choreographers to make new works for the company while nurturing and developing choreographers from the world of ice. She has also been a catalyst in the development of other artistic ice dance companies in both Canada and the United States. Moira and partner Patrick Dean skated Ice Theatre of New York’s first work, a collaboration with Belgian dance choreographer Marc Bogaerts, which won them first place in the Free Dance at the Professional Championships in Jaca, Spain. In her subsequent work as Ice Theatre of New York Director, Moira has continued to integrate contemporary dance into the repertory of ice choreography.


  JIRINA RIBBENS - Executive Director

Jirina joined the ITNY staff in December 2004, after serving on the board since the founding of the company. Over the past 9 years Jirina has overseen ITNY’s growth, such as the doubling of ITNY’s operations budget, the expansion of its outreach programming for public school children, and ITNY’s entry into new media, including a collaboration with Improv Everywhere which received over 2.3 million views on YouTube. Prior to her work with ITNY Jirina worked in a variety of positions in the entertainment and sports industries. During her time at Candid Productions she produced and managed events with two-time Olympic Champion Dick Button. She also worked as an Olympic sports consultant and producer for the networks at nine Olympic Games. In 2002 she received a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Live Sports Special as Associate Producer for NBC for the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games. She has an MA in Foreign Language Translation from Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium.


  DOUGLAS WEBSTER - Artistic Director 

DOUGLAS WEBSTER (Artistic Director) Over the past 20 years, Douglas Webster has created a large body of repertory works for Ice Theatre of New York that includes Roots, Unforgettable, Departures, Dare Greatly, Transitions, and Appalachia Waltz (in collaboration with modern dance choreographer Joanna Mendl Shaw). Douglas has also set many works for the ice by notable dance choreographers; most recently, “Reveries” with Edward Villella, as well as—Charles (Chucky) Klapow, Donlin Forman, Elisa Monte, David Dorfman, David Parsons, Lar Lubovitch, and Ann Carlson. In addition to his work with Ice Theatre, Douglas has worked with all the major skating companies in the world, including Disney on Ice (10 shows, including High School Musical); Holiday on Ice (3 shows); Stars On Ice (2); and The Sun Valley Ice Show (3). He has also choreographed many television shows, including ITNY’s participation in Winter Solstice on Ice; Skating with the Stars for ABC TV; and Sterren Dansen op Het IJs in The Netherlands. He helped create, choreograph, and direct many park shows, including Ice Theatre’s Dollywood Christmas on Ice production for the Dollywood Theme Park in Tennessee; and shows for the Autostadt Park in Germany, including “The Wizard of Oz!” Along with his work on major productions and industrial events, Douglas has worked with many celebrity skaters, including most recently National Champion Ryan Bradley, Olympic Champion Sarah Hughes and Olympic Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen. Douglas serves on the board of the Young Artists Showcase and is on the staff of “Grassroots to Champions.”  For the past two years Douglas has served as the Artistic Director of ITNY and he continues to be inspired by all the facets of the company.